3 Distinct Styles of custom feather artistry

Adorn Your Home

Creation in Feathers - Pillows, sculptures, framed feather lei

Traditional Hawaiian Featherwork

  • Honoring feather tradition adding Flair in feather art

Jewelry Art Pieces

feathered cuffs, feathered belts, marianne vasques,maui artist, feather bracelets

Wood and metal cuffs, hat pins, bracelets, feathered accessory

Framed Feathered Sculptures

I've always loved feathers

Lady of the Black Pond an Art Maui piece $3000

Hawaiian Feathered Hatbands

Pheasant hatbands start at $650

In the traditional style 8-15 feathers per row, each row 1/16th of an inch down and 3 stitches per feather.

Meet the Artist

Andaz Maui on Friday  10 am to 2 pm

Gottling Gallery Shops at Wailea

Maui Feather Lei a few hours every day

Kaunoa Senior Center  Instructor

Haleakala National Park - Origami Nene

808-268-9485 Order one of a kind