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Children activities using seashells to create an underwater wonderland

Activities while on Maui


Our team of professional Artists have the ability to teach at any skill level and age. Experienced with large venues - Seattle Aloha Festival, Kaahumanu Shopping Center, Maui Mall Wholefoods, on board Cruise Ships, Made in Maui, and a mixed variety of skill levels such as the  Celebration of the Arts, groups at the Grand Wailea, Kea Lani and Haleakala National Park.

The workshops are personalized for every participant according to their age and talent. We did a feather flower class for a convention, but they coordinator forgot to mention the guests were all under 9 and spoke every language except English. The children were all successful,  were able to complete their project, even if they could only point to the next feather to add, while the Artist created their one of a kind beauty.

The Seashell Art program is always a favorite! Participants create the most amazing sea creatures out of broken and cracked shells. Crabs, manta ray, schools of fish, Spinner dolphins and even a “no fishing’ sign. The shell laden canvas has a surprise glow in the dark paint, another subtle touch which shows the detail put into each kit. 

Workshop costs and duration are dependent on the headcount, destination of venue, staffing and prepping.

Hala Punching

Weaving of Hala is for the Masters, the non-weaver will be able to create jewelry pieces with punched Hala. Punched into circles are strung on wire for earrings or thread for lei,  a very unique lei. The Hala jewelry were very popular in the 60’s and is trending here in Hawaii once again. Punched Hala Kits are complete with tools and accessories required to finish the project. Time may not allow to complete a long lei but could become homework while staying in touch with Aunty Pattie to complete. Earrings, bracelets or lei are available.

The Art of Coconut Buttons

Button art is very trendy and we have a few projects for beautiful buttons made of real coconut shells. Kits include a variety of skill level, basic jewelry making or a mini canvas creating the tree of life. For the younger participants there is also a coloring page about the Polynesian Niu (coconut) tree. Niu is the  tree of life, providing all the comforts to exist, wood to burn, fruit to nourish, cordage for tying, thatching for shelter, weaving fronds to baskets, and the cup from the coconut becoming useful utensils.

Ohe Kepala Bamboo Stamping

Utilizing hand carved stamps made of bamboo, once used to put design on kapa cloth. Guests will experience what it was like handstamp designs on the clothing of the Polynesians with natural dyes. Participants will make and take a hand printed book mark home. 

Seashell Art

Children will hunt for shells (from preselected) that we have collected while doing beach cleanups. Shells will be glued to a pre-painted mini canvas with magnets on the back, of ocean scene, underwater reef or My love for you is this ------------- big. Fill the heart shape with mixed shells and will say Happy Mothers (father tutu) day. Participants will take home a unique gift from Maui, and learn what they can do to keep Hawaiian waters, beach and reef safe for further generations.

Seashell Necklace

Children select shells (from pre drilled) shells or with with natural pukas (hole) or the very cool worm shells that form rings and odd shapes -  to string on a  natural cord creating a one of a kind gift with shells from Maui. This is a great opportunity to talk about the ocean ecology.

Lauhala Fish

Lauhala fish depending on age level may either make a lauhala fish or color on a premade fish. They can glue it to a Fathers (mothers,tut) card that is Hawaiian in nature or place a sentiment on a gift tag. A color page will be available about the Hala tree as well as  coloring pens, sequins, googly eyes, glue and tooth picks

Seed Key chain

4-6 Natural wild grown Maui seeds will be knotted on hemp cord and attached to a key ring. Participants will take home a unique seed keychain that they were able to create. The participants will learn about the seeds and the value of a clean Hawaiian ecology.

Feather flowers

Cool, fun workshop with feathers. Make and take a feather flower, that is simply wrapped around an ear to create that Maui Babe look. The feathers are attached to a wire with the same knots used on the voyaging canoes. Guests will be amazed at this simple way of attaching feathers to a base, without the use of glue, staples, or tape. The variety of colored and natural feathers when added to the feather flower can create the most amazing texture and volume. Participants gain knowledge about the Polynesians love of all things in nature and creating a sustainable environment.

Shell and Seed Lei

Teens and adults appreciate creating their own Hawaiian mementos. Seeds and shells are pre-drilled and a sample is designed to follow. The attending staff will do all the crimps and attach clasps. These are quick and easy about 20 minutes to complete the project. A great opportunity to talk maui conventions


We met the Artist on our first night here at the Company luau, what a great way to start our Maui Incentive Group

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Professional Artists teaching Hawaiian handcrafts